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MBE is an independent, Canada based business solutions and services providing group that is envisioned to lead the industry through trend-setting innovation and ground-breaking ideas.

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  • MBE Process for Resolving Complaints Open or Close

    MBE has an established process for managing potential Code of Conduct compliance violations. If you have a complaint about a particular element of the Code of Conduct, please follow the process below.


    1. If after contacting your ISO, you feel your inquiry has not been resolved to your satisfaction, we invite you to fill out the Code of Conduct inquiry form by clicking the link below. MBE will investigate the complete and attempt to resolve it. You can submit your complaint form to MBE using one of the following methods:

    Note: Please ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader before downloading and filling out the complaint form.

    (i) Download and print the form, fill it in with dark ink (blue or black) and submit a PDF electronically to MBE
    by email at info@mbeforyou.com, with “Merchant Complaint” in the subject line; or
    (ii) Download and print the form, fill it in with dark ink (blue or black) and mail a hard copy to MBE at the following address:

    Attention: Merchant Complaint Department
    104-100, Dynamic Drive Toronto,
    Ontario M1V5C4 Canada

    Note: MBE recommends that where possible you use option (i) above as it is the fastest and most secure method of submitting your complaint form to us.

    2. If after following Step 2 above your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may also contact Interac Association (Payment Card Network Operator) directly at:

    Attention: Merchant Complaint Department
    In Writing: Attention: Legal Department
    Interac Association / Acxsys Corporation
    Royal Bank Plaza, North Tower
    200 Bay Street, Suite 2400
    P.O. Box 45, Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2J1
    By Email: merchantcomplaints@interac.org